These days, the positive effects of technology vastly outweigh the negatives, which means that advances in technology can finally address those negatives and create better iterations of the tools we need for our daily lives.

On the surface, smart devices seem like the perfect tool to help you do what you need to, quickly and efficiently. But, as any smartphone user can tell you, those negatives come into play and suddenly the very device you should be able to use efficiently is causing you to lose time and focus. Let’s examine ways that Sentien Audio resolves those negatives.

close up of a woman wearing Sentien Audio bone conduction headphones

Notifications lead to distraction. Distraction leads to interruption. Interruption leads to stress.

The good news is, your phone is always on hand to use, whether you need to get directions, send an email, call someone, or google a question. The bad news is, your phone is always on hand to distract you from what you’re doing.

Social media, games, and notifications all clamor for attention while you try to focus. When you’re interrupted in the middle of some task, it can take an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus. That loss of time results in rushed work and stress. Not to mention the amount of time we spend looking down at our phones every single day.

The cost of interruption is one thing, but the main point is that you’re unable to accomplish what you need to. It’s an unnecessary roadblock.

At Sentien, we knew that creating the best possible product would include addressing the weak points of current technology. How does Sentien Audio tackle those weak points?

Instead of keeping your phone on hand constantly, you can wear a Sentien Audio headset, which connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Its comfortable ergonomic fit and 24+ hour battery life make it possible to put the headset on in the morning and take it off at night, like you would a wristwatch or a piece of jewelry.

The headset uses an audio interface, which is far less distracting than looking at your phone’s screen with its bright lights and colors. Plus, you can use the app that goes with the headset to customize which notifications you want to hear, to avoid any unnecessary distractions.

Need to get directions? Use touch, gesture, or voice controls to call up your voice assistant, and listen to the directions without taking out your phone. Need to look up the answer to a question? Ask your voice assistant. Need to place a call?

Access your contacts and make the call without touching your phone, and hang up with the headset's touch or gesture controls that you customize in the app.

Everything your phone can do to make your life easier, Sentien Audio does more naturally and efficiently, while blending in seamlessly to your day. Get what you need out of your smart device without the extra noise.

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