Let’s start with some basic situations you encounter every day.

You look at your phone and see that it might rain soon, so you take your umbrella. On the bus to work, you check your bank account and see that your rent is due. You pay it using your banking app. At work, you start up your computer, check the most important emails, and go grab a cup of coffee.

Now let’s go through the same routine again. But this time, your devices are one step ahead of you.

A small display on your door tells you to take an umbrella, because it might drizzle soon. After a while, a voice from your Sentien Audio headset discreetly reminds you to pay your bills. You do it with a simple voice command. At work, you can use your headset once again to have your emails read to you while you sip your coffee.

Much more pleasant, right? Welcome to the world of ambient computing. A world where interactions with your devices are seamless. A world where technology lets you focus on the important things while it takes care of the rest.

Internet of things

Ambient computing is closely related to the so-called internet of things - electronic devices such as TVs, tablets, lamps, and other household items working together to provide a smooth user experience. With it, you can create your own ecosystems that you control with your phone, smart speaker or headset.

Sentien Audio

headshot of a woman wearing an open ear Sentien Audio bone conduction headset
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Sentien Audio, the first all-day wearable audio headset, is a pioneer in making ambient computing as easy to use as possible. With Sentien Audio, you can interact with your very own internet of things with your voice, your ears, and even your hands. Try it for yourself!

Author: Dusan Sladecka