We have a habit of looking forward into the future to imagine the unimaginable technology and developments that might exist someday. Fifty years ago people imagined cordless telephones that could pick up sound through your jawbone. Forty years ago, Apple's first computer came out. Thirty years ago the Internet was just coming into being.

All that time, people imagined a future filled with flying cars, artificial life, biometrics, and automation everywhere. We haven’t quite made it to a future filled with flying cars, but thanks to our unquenchable thirst for progress, technology today has progressed further than the past ever imagined.

One major development that has advanced in recent years is wearable technology. We are already imagining a future where technology is so seamlessly ingrained in our daily lives that you won’t have to think about where it is in order to use it. No more searching for your phone—like Tony Stark in his teched-out home and office, you can call up the info or device you need with a wave of your hand.

But how close are we to this future? Is this a good direction to head in?

Wearable devices like smartwatches, wireless headphones, hearing aids, and health trackers are already a part of daily life for a lot of us. The ultimate goal is a fully ambient computing experience, but as long as we have to physically interact with devices (pressing buttons, plugging things in, and tapping screens), we won’t experience a fully seamless interaction.

Wearables will continue to develop because they have so many use cases across a broad assortment of fields like healthcare, energy, transportation, and more. This is the right direction to head in if we want a future where technology is efficient, useful, and personalized to an individual’s needs. But getting there means overcoming a number of obstacles.

Consider our bone conduction headphones here at Sentien. Our goal is to get to a seamless experience that delivers maximum efficiency, usability, and personalization. We started by addressing the top three obstacles to everyday wearables: battery life, personalization, and data security.

Our headphones run on a battery that lasts all day to make sure you don’t have to think about it while you use it. A lot of current wearable tech is severely lacking in the personalization department. Without the ability to make your wearables personalized, you really lose a big chunk of usability and efficiency. Luckily, we’ll have an app for that, and you can make sure you get exactly what you want out of your Sentien experience.

One of the most important obstacles is making sure that private data is protected. How many times have you chatted with a friend about your dinner plans, only to open Facebook and see an ad for the very restaurant you were just talking about? When it comes to things like activating an AI assistant through your wireless Sentien headphones, you might feel like someone is always listening in—which is exactly what we’re working to solve, to give you the privacy you need for a seamless experience.

Are you interested in a future of wearable tech? You can read more about how Sentien is taking the leap toward that future on our blog, or check out more about us and our revolutionary new wearable, Sentien Audio.

Written by Liz Windsor