When you think about your favorite wearable technology, what top features stand out? There’s the stylish look of Airpods, the sound quality of Beats, the utility of a smartwatch, the accuracy of Oura Ring.

Each product is designed with a purpose in mind, whether it’s listening to music, isolating from surroundings, or tracking health and activity.

Wearable technology is becoming more and more integral to our daily lives because of its features, accessibility, and practical applications.

However, hearables like Airpods and Beats are still missing one feature with significant benefits: all-day wearability. You can use most hearables to listen to music and podcasts, or place the occasional phone call, and that’s about it.

You’ll have to take them off if you want to talk to someone in person or stay aware of your surroundings. Putting in earbuds is a signal that you’re focused, occupied.

With a battery life of 2-5 hours, Airpods are not designed to be worn for the entire day. There’s a good reason for this, of course. These hearables are designed to bring you certain features and benefits, and they do their job well, which is why they’re products people love.

All-day wearability is a feature that many hearables don’t implement, simply because those products are not intended for use the entire day. You probably won’t be listening to music for 8 hours at work, for example.

On the other hand, a wearable product like a smartwatch or Oura Ring is designed with all-day wearability in mind. It’s comfortable, the battery life lasts for days, and it will blend in to your day seamlessly.

Each product accomplishes its purpose and gets you what you need without you having to think about it.

Why do we use products like Oura Ring or any smartwatch? Why not just rely on a smartphone? In the case of Oura Ring, you get extreme specificity and customization that a simple smartphone app cannot provide.

Similarly, people use smartwatches to track their health more closely than they could with a phone that wouldn’t be able to measure indicators like heart rate or body temperature.

A smartwatch also lets you conveniently prioritize your daily notifications without having to pull out your phone; it’s so convenient because it pairs perfectly with your smartphone, especially if you would wear a regular watch anyway.

What would it look like if a hearable was designed to be wearable all day?

It would look like Sentien Audio.

Sentien Audio is an open-ear headset that rests just in front of your ears, using bone conduction to send sound through your cheekbones directly to your cochlea (bypassing your eardrum).

With no comparable mainstream hearables with all-day wearability, the closest comparison is to call it a wristwatch for your ears. It might be more accurate to compare it to a smartwatch, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Unlike earbuds and headphones, you don’t have to take off a Sentien Audio headset at any point during the day. You can put it on in the morning, and leave it on until you take it off in the evening.

In order to make that possible, the headset is designed with a heavy emphasis on ergonomics. It will comfortably fit all head types without sticking out in the back.

You can even lie down while wearing the headset and the sound quality will still be excellent, because it won’t be pushed out of place or lose contact with your cheekbone.

The loop around the back of the head is above the trapezius muscle, so it won’t restrict any movement or catch on your clothes. Made of a special titanium alloy, the headset is flexible and soft without losing any durability.

Sentien Audio’s battery life can also last 24± hours.

Just like a smartwatch, Sentien Audio is the perfect match for a smartphone—or any other Bluetooth-enabled device from smart TV to smart fridge.

You can use it to listen to music, filter out and prioritize notifications, make phone calls, send emails, listen to podcasts, take notes, get directions, and so much more. All through customizable voice, gesture, and touch controls.

All-day wearability means you have better, constant access to get what you need from your technology more quickly, naturally, and efficiently, without losing touch with your surroundings by looking at your phone or plugging your ears.